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Kids Karate, Self-Defence & Grappling Tournament

We will be organizing another kids karate, grappling & self-defence tournament.  The choreographed forms (kata) division will be judged based on technical precision, speed, power and flow of the techniques.  The standing combat (kumite) division will be a double elimination contest with light contact to the body and no contact to the face, back or groin areas.  Each free sparring match will last up to 3 minutes or when one competitor reaches 3 points.  Protective head, hand and foot pads will be provided. The self-defence division will judge how a contestant deals with two different attack scenarios (HAPV) of their choice.  An average score will be given based on how effectively (automatically, quickly, & convincingly) contestants defend against the two scenarios.  The position only grappling division will consist of 3 minute ground grappling without submissions.  It will start in a kneeling position with 1 point awarded for any side control, mount, rear side control, rear mount, north south, or knee on stomach that is attained and maintained clearly for 3 seconds.  The guard is neutral, but a clean sweep or pass is 1 point.  If a competitor taps out because they are tired or stuck the win will be awarded to the opponent. There are no applied submissions allowed under these rules. Friends and parents are encouraged to attend, take pictures, and cheer on the competitors.

Dates: Saturday December 2 @ 12 pm – 4 pm

Location: Canterbury Community Center, 2185 Arch Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1G 2H5.

 Ottawa Winter Schedule





Mon Sept 11 Stand Up Kata / Self-Defence Groundwork
Mon Sept 18 Self-Defence / Weapon Stand Up Kata / Self-Defence
Mon Sept 25 Groundwork Self-Defence / Weapon Stand Up
Mon Oct 2 Kata / Self-Defence Groundwork NO CLASS
Mon Oct 9 NO CLASS Kata / Self-Defence Groundwork
Mon Oct 16 Self-Defence / Weapon Stand Up Kata / Self-Defence
Mon Oct 23 Groundwork Self-Defence / Weapon Stand Up
Mon Oct 30 Kata / Self-Defence Groundwork Self-Defence / Weapon
Mon Nov 6 Stand Up Kata / Self-Defence Groundwork
Mon Nov 13
Self-Defence / Weapon Stand Up Kata / Self-Defence
Mon Nov 20
Groundwork Self-Defence / Weapon SEMINAR
Mon Nov 27
Mon Dec 4
Mon Dec 11
Kata / Self-Defence NO CLASS NO CLASS

July 10 &11, 2004

"The Secrets of Karate" Seminar
with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy is one of the few foreigners to actually teach karate-do in Japan.

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