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Ouellette Karate & Self-Defence teaches men and women the most innovative concepts of karate and self-defence to those who wish to learn to defend themselves while continually improving their fitness level through martial arts training in a friendly and comfortable environment in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We welcome everyone to join us for fun, fitness, self-defence, karate and weapons. Our students include men, women and couples between the ages of 18 and 60. Each of our instructors specializes in techniques that are essential for men and women who wish to learn realistic and practical ways to defend themselves. The martial arts program that we provide is great for people who wish to get in shape and live a long and healthy life. Above all, we provide a very friendly and comfortable environment in which to work out.

Blend of Classical & New

Our martial arts program consists of a well balanced blend of classical and new. We have incorporated into our program the nearly forgotten self-defence oriented Art of Karate (Karatejutsu) which focuses on defending against the most common attack scenarios. We have also incorporated the innovative sport oriented Way of Karate (Karatedo) which is focused on fitness and competition. We believe that this blend of innovative and traditional will to give each student the best of both worlds.

For those who fear one day needing to defend against weapons we also teach a balance between classical and new. Our weapons program teaches the little known battlefield long staff (Yamaneryu Bojutsu) for when a broom or pool cue is available. To see a quick demonstration of one of our two person drills with the bo Click On This Link. We also teach the new police riot squad oriented short stick (Shindo) for those situations where only an umbrella or walking stick is available.

Our Team

Sensei Richard Ouellette (5th Degree Black Belt)

Sensei Ouellette is the Eastern Canadian co-representative for the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society and co-founder of Ouellette Karate & Self-Defence for which he is the principal instructor of the Ottawa South campus. Having studied the martial arts for over 35 years with some of the most respected instructors in the world, Sensei Ouellette has gained a level of knowledge and experience which is reflected by his credentials. Richard believes that it is his responsibility to deliver a training program that allows his students to enjoy themselves, while getting into great shape and learning to truly defend themselves. He also strives to encourage an atmosphere that will allow students to build their confidence, motivation and concentration. Sensei Ouellette's current focus is on teaching self-defence that can be applied effectively, irrespective of an individual's size, strength or gender.

He is a Shidoin level certified instructor in Koryu Uchinadi Kempo-jutsu as well as a certified instructor in Wado-Kai karate. He currently hold a 5th degree Black Belt in Wado-Kai karate, a 4th degree Black Belt in Koryu Uchinadi Kempo-jutsu, and a 3rd degree Black Belt in Shindo.

Renshi Don Ouellette (5th Degree Black Belt)

Renshi Ouellette is a co-founder of Ouellette Karate & Self-Defence for which he is principal instructor of the Brisbane Australia chapter and he is also the Eastern Canadian co-representative for the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society. With his background in kinesiology, shiatsu, and health care Don has made a significant contribution to the development of a very safe and health-oriented martial arts program. Renshi Ouellette has very respected credentials and has been studying the martial arts for over 35 years with a number of noteworthy instructors. He is currently focusing on the healing side of the martial arts and its incorporation into a modern curriculum. Along with his focus on health and safety, Don also delivers a course on self-defence for women that is both effective and strongly grounded in common sense.

He has received the prestigious Renshi teaching title after completing a year long full time Instructor of Martial Arts program with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy in Brisbane Australia. He is also a certified instructor in Wado-Kai karate, and he currently hold a 5th degree Black Belt in Koryu Uchinadi Kempo-jutsu, and a 5th degree Black Belt in Wado-Kai karate.

Sensei Andrew Bell (4th Degree Black Belt)

Sensei Bell first started studying karate in 1980 after purchasing Tatsuo’s Suzuki’s book “Karate-do”. He trained in Wado Ryu as a member of Suzuki’s organization under many of the UK’s top instructors. All his Kyu gradings were passed after examination by T.Suzuki himself or his principal assistants at the time, M. Shomitsu and K.Sakagami. As a result of many changes in location around the UK he gained wide appreciation of different instructor’s personal interpretations of the 15 kata registered by H.Otsuka, the founder of Wado Ryu, as capturing the defining techniques of the style. In 1996 Andrew and his family emigrated to Canada and shortly afterwards ended up in Ottawa where he started training with Sensei Richard Ouellette. After over a decade of hard work he was finally awarded his black belt and teaching certificate, which he was presented with by Sensei Paul Leonard (8th Dan). During his time in Ottawa, Andrew has also trained under Hanshi Patrick McCarthy in Koryu Uchinadi. As a result he is devoting much of his training time to a re-examination of the kata of Wado Ryu through the lens of the principles of Koryu Uchinadi. His aim is to better understand the hidden defensive themes of Wado Ryu.

Sensei Morgan Duchesney (5th Degree Black Belt)

Morgan Duchesney has a Chito Ryu Karate background. He currently studies Wado Ryu Karate and Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu. He is prolific writer on many subjects including the martial arts and is a member of Hanshi Patrick McCarthy's International Ryukyu Karate Research Society (IRKRS). Mr. Duchesney and his students practice only practical Karate techniques. In addition to practicing kihon and various levels of kumite they concentrate on 2 person drills and responses to what Kyoshi McCarthy calls the 36 Habitual Acts of Personal Violence (HAPV). Kata is practiced mainly as a memory tool to remind students of previously-learned self-defense techniques.

Sensei Carl Presland (5th Degree Black Belt)

Sensei Presland is an instructor with Ouellette Karate & Self-Defence who has studied karate since 1974. Specializing in combat (Kumite), Carl has developed a reputation as a fierce competitor. He developed his kicking skills to such a degree that they helped earn him numerous championship wins on the Canadian/US open tournament circuit. Sensei Presland now follows in the footsteps of his mentor Fermo Stefanelli and uses his skills to develop the next generation of Karatedo champions.

Sensei Lynn Orzel (2nd Degree Black Belt)

Sensei Orzel has over 10 years experience practicing and teaching karate. She brings a unique perspective to her instruction with her child services background and research in violence against women. Lynn has great skills in fighting techniques from a distance, being seized, or taking it to the ground.


Sensei Doug Cambell (1st Degree Black Belt)

Sensei Cambell is an assistant instructor with Ouellette Karate & Self-Defense's children program and has studied karate since 1995. Specializing in helping children with learning difficulties, Doug has developed a reputation as a compassionate and caring mentor. Doug's dedication and resolve to never quit, makes him a core member of our team.


Master Instructors

Hanshi Patrick McCarthy (9th Degree Black Belt)

Patrick McCarthy is one of the few foreigners to actually teach karate-do in Japan. Moreover, he is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost authorities on the civil fighting traditions (Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu) of Okinawa. Having studied karate since childhood, McCarthy’s credentials are impressive. An extensive career competing in Canadian and American open tournament circuit earned him international recognition as a North American top-ten rated competitor in kata (forms), kumite (fighting) and kobudo (ancient weapons). He is the first non-oriental to ever be awarded a 7th Dan and the coveted Kyoshi Menkyo (Teacher's License) from the Dai Nippon Butokukai Kyoto Honbu. The same place where karate pioneers such as Funakoshi Gichin, Miyagi Chojun, Mabuni Kenwa and Hironori Ohtsuka received their teachers accreditation. In 2004 McCarthy Sensei was awarded the title of Hanshi and the rank of 8th Dan by the World Kobudo Federation for his considerable contributions to the martial arts.

With the support of Okinawan karate master, Kinjo Hiroshi Hanshi, the Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Kokusai Kenkyukai was established in 1989 in Japan by this tenacious young Canadian. He has been practicing karate-do for over thirty years and is a world-famous karate historian and author. Mr. McCarthy is a frequent contributor to martial arts magazines through-out the world, author of 'The Classical Kata of Okinawan Karate' and 'The Bible of Karate: BUBISHI'. His research has been published everywhere, his books on Karate-do history, philosophy and application have become best sellers and he has one of the most sought after Western lecturers and seminar teachers of traditional karate in the world today. For a comprehensive article on Hanshi Patrick McCarthy please click on Thinking Outside The Box.


Sensei Masaru Shintani (9th Degree Black Belt)

Shintini Sensei (1927-2000) was born in Vancouver, BC Canada. When he was a young man Shintani Sensei met Mr. Kitagawa, who after close to a decade of training awarded him the rank of 6th degree black belt in Shorin style karate. Shintani Sensei competed extensively in Japan in the 1950's where he met Hironori Ohtsuka the founder of Wado Karate.

He began training with Ohtsuka Sensei, and in 1979 Shintani Sensei was graded to 8th degree in Wado karate, and was presented with his 9th degree certificate for future use. Shintani Sensei leaves behind the art of Shindo as well as the Shintani Wado-Kai Karate Federation.

Sensei Paul Leonard (9th Degree Black Belt)

Sensei Leonard is the head instructor of the World Congress of Shintani Karate Federation Wado-Kai and World Shintani Shindo Federation. He has studied the finer points of Wado-Kai karate-do as well as the combat art of Shindo under the direction of his instructor Sensei Masaru Shintani for over 40 years. As a result of his efforts, he has been awarded the rank of 9th degree black belt in Wado-Kai Karate, and 8th degree black belt in Shindo.

Having been described by Shintani Sensei as one of his greatest disciples, Sensei Leonard now follows in the path laid down by his mentor. For more details on Sensei Paul Leonard please click on the World Congress of Shintani Wado-Kai Karate.



July 10 &11, 2004

"The Secrets of Karate" Seminar
with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy is one of the few foreigners to actually teach karate-do in Japan.

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